Israeli general threatens: The next war on Lebanon will be the last

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The Israeli army is active every night on the northern front, and "the next war on Lebanon will be the last war," the military commander of the Israeli army's northern region, General Yoel struck, said on Monday, and threatened to destroy the infrastructure in Lebanon.

At a conference called "influences on the changes that began on the northern front, the complex situation in Syria, and Hezbollah's capabilities," struck said, "the army has been investing since 2006 in the Strike force of ground forces, air and defensive capabilities."

"Hezbollah will feel the strength of the Israeli army," he said, adding that "it will not be the third war on Lebanon, but--hopefully--the last war in the north," he said.

However, struck claimed that he hoped that the situation would not go to war, but that he would be saved, adding that war on the northern front was likely to erupt.

He said that for every kilogram of inaccurate explosives fired in the direction of Israel, tons of precision explosives would be responded to Hezbollah's targets. by calculation.

He also pointed out that the home front was not spared from being bombed. "In the next war, if it falls, the Israeli army will attack the infrastructure used by Hezbollah in Lebanon," he said.

Speaking of Iranian capabilities in the region, Strok said, "The Iranians have much less than they planned to have, everyone remembers the morning of February February when an Israeli plane landed, and a series of operations were carried out afterwards."

"The Iranians were intending to respond directly, but that practically took them about three weeks to realize the gap between words and capabilities, touching Israel requires the ability to do so," he said.

Struck also hinted at the "Parties " that have carried out several attacks in Syria in recent months, which were attributed to Israel, and said  "It is no secret that Israel is working to protect its interests, and so that there is no Iranian positioning in Syria. In order to achieve this goal we work every night  ".


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