Israeli newspaper headlines

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced on Friday that she would make an ultimatum to Rafi Peretz,


Mandelblatt, the legal adviser, joins the list, which opposes the closure of the Afula Park in front of foreigners

Mandelblit announces the suspension of the decision of the municipality of Afula to prevent the Arabs from entering the park until a court decision

Sources in center-left parties: Amir Peretz prohibits contacts with the European Union

Report: UN inspectors found evidence of radioactive material in a secret warehouse in Tehran

Election of the Meretz Party for the next elections: Zindenberg is in second place


Maariv newspaper:

Quoting senior Israeli officials: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has detected radioactive contamination at an Iranian nuclear site

The legal advisor decides to stop the decision of the municipality of Afula not to enter the Arab parks

Yair Golan: Netanyahu is hysterical so he and his people are busy defaming and throwing mud in all directions


Israel Today:

Shaked warns Ravi Peretz: either give up first place or join Bennett and Ben Jovir

Supporters of Peretz reject Shaked's proposal

Tamar Zandberg in second place and Issawi Freij in fourth place in the list of Meretz for the upcoming elections

Israeli officials: IAEA finds nuclear radiation at Iranian nuclear site


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