´Democratic Media´ condemns the ban on the occupation of journalist Jadallah from participating in a global conference

The Democratic Media Rally (DM) on Wednesday evening condemned the israeli occupation forces' ban on the head of the Press House - Palestine journalist Bilal Jadallah from participating in a global conference on media freedom in London through the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Democratic Media Rally said in a press statement that the occupation's arbitrary actions against Palestinian journalists violate press freedom and violate international conventions and legislation.

The media group stressed the human right to movement and travel, respect for freedom of opinion and expression in accordance with international human rights standards, and to stop the policy of muzzling.

The group expressed its full support for the right of Palestinian journalists to communicate their message through external media engagements in order to strengthen the position of the Palestinian people and their suffering by the occupation and its policies contrary to international law.

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