A precious jewel was stolen in Italy and the conflict is raging in New York

22 years ago, a precious jewel was stolen from an Italian hotel, but the legal dispute over the "quarantine" has not yet stopped in the United States.

According to The New York Post, it is a 65-carat ruby ​​stone set on a multicolored Cartier bracelet, valued at millions of dollars.

The source added that this gem comes back to the beginning of the year 1800, and was extracted from the Himalayas, and is said to be one of the finest jewelry in the world and the most expensive that was sold at auctions.

But the stone, which was owned by a prominent American family, was stolen in 1996 while being displayed in the upscale Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, Italy.

The robbery was reported immediately, but the authorities did not succeed in reaching the culprit, and Al Jawhara remained out of sight for years.

In 2005, a man named Raphael Koblens, who had proved the stone for a large sum, received $ 2 million from Essex Global, judicial documents revealed.

In 2011, the man found himself unable to pay the amount owed to the company on which the gemstone was being mortgaged, and because of that, he once again proved the jewel with another company, Modern Powder Broker, for $ 3.75 million.

The deal then concluded that Procure would pay Essex money for the gem, as long as the man was unable to release the mortgage on his own.

When the new company tried to sell the stone in 2015, it found that the jewel was stolen from Italy, but the man who brought it to the foreclosure, Coplens, says it was a piece his wife inherited from her family.

As an insurance company was forced to pay an important sum after the theft, the firm sued both Koblenz and Modern for the piece.

Modern has been forced to pay $ 4.6 million to settle the case and says it now owns the quarantine without any dispute, but the US company is pursuing Koblenz before the judiciary because it still demands the gem even if it no longer has any rights related to the jewel. .


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