Hayek: The share of the Palestinian product in local markets does not exceed 20%

The head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association, Ali Al-Hayek, said Wednesday that the share of the national product in local markets does not exceed 20%, which has greatly affected the owners in light of the losses suffered by the Palestinian economy, especially in the sector Gaza by the Israeli blockade 13 years ago.

Al-Hayek, vice president of the Palestinian General Federation of Industries, called on all concerned parties to support the national product and give factories and local companies priority in tenders and government and international procurement.

He stressed in a press statement that all official bodies and international institutions should take more steps to support national products, increase their share in the local market and stabilize the steadfastness of local manufacturers.

"Supporting domestic products will strengthen the resilience of Palestinian industrialists and producers under the Israeli blockade and the unprecedented rise in unemployment and poverty among workers," he said.

He called on the competent authorities to reduce the fees and taxes imposed on Palestinian industries, pointing out that the responsibility to support the national product falls on all segments of society.

He called on all international parties to press the Israeli occupation to lift the siege on Gaza and to allow the export of all the products of the sector and marketing them abroad, with the need to oblige donors and the government to pay compensation to those affected by the siege and the Israeli wars.

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