Committee to Support Journalists: 39 Israeli Violations of Palestinian Journalists Last Month

The Committee for the Support of Journalists (NGO) said on Tuesday it had identified 39 violations by the Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories in June.

The Committee noted in its statement that among the violations were eight cases of injuries and injuries due to the direct targeting of the Israeli occupation of journalists and the firing of pepper gas and poison gas towards them and their suffocation.

According to the report, four journalists in the Gaza Strip, including a foreign journalist and a journalist, were arrested in the West Bank. They used rubber bullets, beatings, kicking and pushing several times to prevent them from covering the events.

He pointed out that the occupation arrested and deported four journalists, while the number of cases of postponement and extension of detention and the installation of a sentence against three journalists, while the monitoring of cases of harassment and torture inside the prisons of the occupation.

As part of the policy of systematic and continuous prosecution of Palestinian content, the Report of the Committee to Support Journalists monitored more than (11) cases concuted by the Facebook administration in an unprecedented campaign against Palestinian activists and journalists on social networking sites, including deletion of accounts, publications, channels, In the context of fighting the Palestinian content, apart from the use of incitement method, which recorded at least (1) case.

In the context of internal violations, the report documented three cases of violations, including the arrest of journalist Yasser Manna and the extension of his detention.

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