Thousands of Palestinians take part in the funeral of martyr Mohammed Obeid in Issawiya

 Thousands of Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem have been martyred in Jerusalem on Thursday night by Israeli police during clashes in the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem.

The body of Mohammed Obeid, 20, was buried during the day in Issawiya after the occupation authorities given his body since Thursday, after trying to force his family to his funeral at night and in the presence of a limited number of his family.

The mourners carried Palestinian flags and marched around al-Isawiya, amid intensive security reinforcements, an AFP correspondent reported.

During the past few days, Issawiya witnessed large-scale confrontations between the citizens and the occupation forces, which carried out raids and arrests in Issawiya.

Since 2015, the Israeli occupation authorities have been holding the bodies of Palestinian martyrs who are shot by their forces. When they allow their funeral, it is only at night and with the participation of a handful of mourners.

"Israel agreed to the funeral in the middle of the day after the pressure they found from Issawiya and the ongoing confrontations with them and the feeling of the Israelis that if they did not hand over the body, it would cause severe tension during a summer tourist period," lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud told AFP.

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