Gantz calls for the resumption of assassinations in Gaza

Pini Gantz, leader of the main opposition party, "Blue-White", called Monday for the resumption of the policy of assassinations in the Gaza Strip to restore the lost deterrence.

During the Herzliya conference, Gantz said that the policy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the past two years has eroded deterrence in the Gaza Strip.

"The method of deterrence has been replaced by stuttering, and our behavior has a significant impact on our security." Pointing out that he did not and will not demand the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip or the implementation of a large-scale military operation. Indicating that we must return to the policy of assassinations and the implementation of focused attacks against some important targets in Gaza.

"I am aware of Israel's capabilities. There is no single way of working during my term. My test was to meet a very important challenge regarding the fate of the State of Israel and the development of an army capable of working," he said. Everywhere ".

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Gantz said it can be said with confidence that when he forms the government, Iran will not have any nuclear weapons.

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