China operates two seas observation satellites

The two industrial satellites for monitoring the sea, HW-1C and HW-2B, have reached their orbit, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The two satellites represent the highest level of China's remote-sensing satellites, and the arrival of the two satellites indicates that China's first batch of sea surveillance satellites is operational.

Vice-Minister of Natural Resources Ling Yuming said China would benefit from satellites to monitor both land and sea and would set up a network to monitor natural resources, which would support environmental protection.

Ling said China would encourage the exchange of satellite data for environmental protection, transport and agriculture as well as other industries.

The HU-1C satellite was launched in September 2018, a 5-year-old designer, which will help monitor the color of the seas and water temperatures to provide baseline data for studies and research on the world's marine environment.

The HW-2B satellite was launched in October 2018, a 5-year-old designer, which enables it to obtain a variety of marine dynamic parameters such as surface wind, sea wave and sea surface temperature, providing data to support relief. In marine disasters, as well as the use of ocean resources and protection of the marine environment.

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