Erekat responds to Greenblatt´s remarks about the West bank

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary Saeb Erekat confirmed that the observations of US envoy Jason Greenblatt were made at the annual Conference of Israel today, which said, "Settlements should be replaced by cities or residential neighborhoods in preparation for coexistence, and Israel has done nothing It describes criticism and we stop using an opt-in term because that's not the obstacle. "Democracies the disregarding of this Settlement team (Kouchner, Grenellate Platt, Friedman) for Arabs and their just issues.

"This is also an incitement for everyone who attended the Manama workshop, especially since Gerad Kouchner said during his speech to the two communities in Manama," The peace initiative can not be the basis of peace and we will not use the phrase "the principle of the two countries because that is unrealistic "as well as the words of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menoshin" He sees in the room a lot of money, "he said in his speech to the meeting in Manama.

This came during a meeting on Friday with two American academies, clerics and civil society organizations, and British consul General Philip Hall separately.

Erekat called on all the parties attending the Manama workshop to issue a common position affirming their commitment to international law, international jurisprudence and the two-state principle on the borders of the Fourth of June 1967 in its capital, East Jerusalem, resolving the refugee issue based on UN Resolution 194, and releasing prisoners. According to WAFA agency.

Erekat also severely condemned the Israeli criminal attacks on our people in the occupied capital of East Jerusalem, especially in the town of Issawiya, which led to the martyrdom of the captured young prisoner Mohammed Samir Obeid and injured several other citizens, as well as distributing notices to demolish buildings and installations in the land of Kafr Aqab. And the Jabal area north of Jerusalem, the storming of the town of al-sagra east of Bethlehem and Salfit, and arrests in various occupied Palestinian territories.

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