Adobe Introduces "Lightroom" Application at Mac Store Store

 US software maker Adobe has launched the "Lightroom" image processing application on the Apple Store for the first time.

Litroom's image processing application targets image enthusiasts who want more capabilities than applications such as Google Photo or Apple Photos. The cost of using the application through the Store Store is $ 10, including one terabyte of online data storage, the same as the cost of accessing the application from outside the Apple store.

"With the redesign of the Mac Store Store, it's time to take this step and make iTrom the first Adobe application to be made on Mac," said Charad Mangalik, St..

Apple operates two stores, the Apple Store, which is available to users of the smart phones "iPhone" and the Tablet PC "iPad" and the Mac Store "for Mac users. While iPhone and iPad users can access Adobe applications through the Store Store, Mac users can not access them because they are not available at the Mac Store Store.

Mac users used to download these applications directly from the Adobe site, which sometimes ran into some security restrictions imposed by Apple to protect its devices. Apple also received 30% of the application price as a download fee.

Apple made an important victory when Microsoft introduced its Office 365 software package at the Mac Store Store in January.

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