Petrushev: We pay particular attention to Israel´s security

Moscow attaches special importance to Israel's security and takes into account all the security threats to Tel Aviv and all the countries in the region, Russian national security adviser Nikolai Petrushev said on Monday.

During a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after an hour-long meeting, Petrushev said meetings with Israeli officials would focus on regional issues, especially the Syrian issue.

He explained that the tripartite summit to be held tomorrow will focus on the security steps, political and humanitarian in Syria. Pointing out that this summit is important and that the steps that will be taken will be constructive in order to achieve those goals.

For his part, Netanyahu thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his support of Israel's security. Pointing out that the relationship between Israel and Russia is good and in a constant development and that there is coordination in all issues.


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