Palestinians in Qalqilya protest On the Bahrain Workshop

A large crowd in Qalqilya today participated in the march against the deal of the century and the resulting conference and workshops, condemning the Bahrain workshop to be held on Tuesday.

The march was organized by the Fatah movement and the National Forces, from the field of Martyr Abu Ali Ayad to the Municipality building in the center of Qalqilya. The participants raised the Palestinian flag and banners condemning the "Deal of the Century" and the Manama Workshop.

Maj. Gen. Rafea Rawajba, Governor of Qalqiliya Province, said during the speech festival that the Bahrain workshop was emptied of its content thanks to the steadfastness and steadfastness of the Palestinian people and its leadership, which did not comply with the temptations and pressures exerted to compel them to attend the workshop. "Our Palestinian cause is progressing and moving forward thanks to the steadfastness and challenge of the Palestinian people, He called on all parties that have received invitations to participate in this suspicious workshop not to respond to and attend this workshop, which was designed to replace the principle of land for peace with money in exchange for Peace".

The governor stressed the rejection of the Bahrain workshop and called on the Arab masses and the masses of the Palestinian people to take part in mass rallies, rejecting the workshop and condemning its results. He stressed that the rights of martyrs and prisoners are sacred and can not be renounced. The families of martyrs and prisoners, warning of slipping into the quagmire of normalization with the occupation, calling on the Palestinian people to utter the words of anyone who begs himself to go out on the Palestinian position and the national consensus of those who participated in the suspicious workshop.

For his part, Mahmoud and Lowell, secretary of the Fatah movement in the province of Qalqilya, in his speech on the national forces, the people of Qalqiliya governor, who gathered to send a message to the participants in the workshop in Bahrain that this workshop is suspicious and can not be accepted by the Palestinian people or authorize anyone to participate in it. "We will not allow the re-formulation of our national economy in the form of investment projects, even if Palestine is made of Tokyo," he said, wishing some Arab brothers not to do so. Participation in the workshop, the Palestinian people's sons solemn events to escalate the struggle commensurate with the scale of the challenge and the crime committed against the Palestinian people. "

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