Erekat: Lack of hope will lead to an endless cycle of violence

The Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, warned on Friday that the lack of hope will lead to more despair that will lead to an endless cycle of abhorrent violence.
This came in the speech delivered by Erekat at the University of Oxford, in the context of the second day of his visit to the United Kingdom, accompanied by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine Hossam Zamelt.

 Erekat stressed that achieving the vision of a two-state solution and the realization of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is the right to self-determination, is the only way to establish a just and lasting peace in the region in which the economy flourishes under full sovereignty of the State of Palestine.
Erekat stressed that Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital is not for sale, and that the American administration's procedures and imposition of a policy of dictating and imposing solutions in a fait accompli and force will not subject our people to blackmail or compromise on their legitimate national rights .
In his speech at the end of the academic year (George Antonius), in the presence of a number of diplomats and academies in Oxford, Erekat reviewed the unilateral and illegal positions of Trump's administration, the incitement campaigns against the people and the Palestinian leadership and the series of sanctions imposed on it, including This is the cessation of aid for the Palestinian people and for UNRWA as it calls for an economic workshop to discuss the Palestinian prosperity in Manama.

 He said that these measures blatantly contradict the claims of the US administration and its false efforts to improve the standard of living of the Palestinian people by convening regional conferences and workshops that the Palestinian leadership and Palestinian businessmen have boycotted, according to the official news agency.
Erekat reiterated the steadfast Palestinian position in rejecting the partial and economic solutions promoted by the Israeli and American parties. He stressed the determination of the Palestinian people and their leadership to pursue peace and resolve conflicts by peaceful means and by the principles of international law and legitimacy.
Erekat said: "There is an international consensus on the two-state solution, and does not require the imposition of pressure on the weak party, but the obligation of the occupying power to the principles of international law."
In the same context, Erekat held political talks with the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons Tom Tugendhat, and a member of the British Parliament for the Free Democrats Party candidate for the leadership of Joe Swenson, during which the parties heard the deteriorating political situation in Palestine because of Israeli practices and the coup d'état Led by the US administration on international legitimacy, and specific benchmarks for resolving the conflict.
Erekat explained the position of the Palestinian leadership that seeks to achieve peace in the Middle East based on the vision of a two-state solution and categorically rejecting any attempts that go beyond the legitimate Palestinian leadership through meetings such as the Manama conference.
He called on the British government and officials to recognize the state of Palestine on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, to boycott the products of colonial settlements and to push for the release of a United Nations database of companies complicit with colonial settlement.
In turn, Swenson confirmed her party's position with the Palestinian legitimate rights, stressing the continued support for the Palestinian people inside and outside the British Parliament.
Erekat started his day with a series of interviews with British media and audio and media, as well as with Arab and Palestinian media, explaining the Palestinian position on the intransigence of the American administration and the strategy of the Palestinian leadership in building close relations with the United Kingdom and the world.
In an interview with the BBC, Erekat explained the administration's efforts to "turn Palestinian rights into humanitarian needs" as part of an attempt to blur the Palestinian identity and the political rights of the Palestinian people. This is what our people and leadership reject. Attempts and fall as others fell.

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