Hayek warns of serious repercussions for the financial power crisis on Gaza´s economy

The head of the Association of Businessmen in the Gaza Strip, Ali al-Hayek, warned Wednesday of serious repercussions if the Palestinian Authority's financial crisis worsens and has negative repercussions on Gaza's impoverished economy. The Israeli siege has continued for more than 13 years. Years.

"The Authority finances vital sectors that have a significant impact on the capital turnover in the Gaza Strip, especially the salaries of its public employees, social affairs, health and education sectors, and the private sector," Hayek said in a press release. The rise in unemployment and poverty, the presence of hundreds of thousands of checks returned, and the low level of cash in conjuction with high inflation and low purchasing power.

He described the current stage in Gaza as "the most difficult and the worst and the deterioration, with the cessation of activity of more than 95% of factories and economic establishments, and the incidence of poverty among the unemployed alone for more than 80% and unemployment of more than 52% in all sectors of production and services, not to mention About the low per capita income per day for only $ 2 a day. "

He pointed out that the division and slogan have turned the categories produced in the economic sectors into vulnerable groups in need of assistance in the absence of compensation, the lack of international projects, the lack of freedom of movement for traders and businessmen, the assumption of many restrictions on the types of goods and goods imported, Crises accumulated years ago.

He stressed the need for effective intervention by the Palestinian government to end the crises in the Gaza Strip and pressure to end the imposed imposed years ago, and begin to prepare the necessary plans to overcome the current situation and prevent a comprehensive collapse of the situation.

He called on all local and international parties and the United Nations to exert pressure on the Israeli side to end the problem of financial authority, the Gaza economy crisis, open trade crossings, allow freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank and the world.

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