Foreign Secretary: Greenblatt´s remarks are open hostility to the Palestinian right

The US State Department's Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, condemned US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's right to annex parts of the West Bank as a call for surrender.

The ministry said in a press statement on Monday that its statements were "a state of fusion and absolute adoption of the occupation narrative, the Israeli right and its colonial aspirations, unabashedly or diplomatically by the suspicious Tramb group, in open and public hostility to Palestinian and Arab rights. David Friedman celebrates with Netanyahu the launching of the settlement of Trump in the Golan, Greenblatt in the Jerusalem Post newspaper adopted Friedman's statement on what he claimed about Israel's right to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, declaring his admirable for the text and content of Friedman's statement and support for In an explicit acknowledgment of the Trump administration's support for the imposition of Israeli law on the settlements in the occupied West Bank, without specifying the nature of the settlement blocs, their borders, their structural plans and the implications of Israeli law on them, which may be rolled over to the entire occupied West Bank. "

The ministry condemned the statements and promises of Friedman and Greenblatt to the Israeli right, and considered it a clear message to all parties and the official American confirmation that the management of Trump resolved the political part of the so-called deal of the century in favor of the occupation in full, has not remained a political issue can be negotiated after the resolution of decisions and directions The ultimate negotiating grand bargain for Israel, by force and unilaterally. Moreover, the administration has adopted a novel of occupation that deals with our people and its cause as a "population" problem requiring humanitarian and relief programs.


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