140 thousand dollars daily losses to "Gaza fishermen" due to the closure of the sea

The Palestinian fisherman's captain in the Gaza Strip, Nizar Ayyash, reported that the daily losses of fishermen in the continued closure of the "Israel" sea are estimated at more than half a million shekels (about 140,000 dollars).

"Today is the 6th day for the occupation forces to close the sea of ​​Gaza in the face of Palestinian fishermen," Ayyash told a press briefing on Monday.

"The occupation of the Gaza Sea has been closed for six days, and 4,000 Palestinian fishermen have been displaced from their sole means of subsistence and have all been included in the ranks of the unemployed," he said.

He pointed out that the closure placed the fishermen in a "very difficult situation", since they lost their daily work and received substantive losses due to the closure of the sea by the occupying forces.
He said the closure of the sea and the ban on hunting was "a collective punishment of 4,000 Palestinian fishermen who are supporting nearly 50,000 people in the Gaza Strip."

The Palestinian trade unionist called on international institutions to have a special view of fishermen in this situation, demanding their support and employment in unemployment courses to provide them with assistance.

On June 12, the occupying forces imposed a comprehensive closure on the Gaza sea and banned fishing, claiming that Palestinians continue to launch "incendiary balloons"

On 4 June, the occupying authorities stated the re-expansion of the fishing zone in the sea of ​​the Gaza Strip to 15 miles, after having shrunk it a few days earlier, before returning and shrinking it back to six nautical miles.

The Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip has imposed a severe blockade since 2006, with all border crossings and borders that reach Gaza to the outside world being closed through Egypt or the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, except for the partial opening of certain goods and passengers .

The blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip affected various aspects of the health of the sector, resulting in a decline in the health and economic system in the light of the shortage of medicines, the fuel and electricity crisis.

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