Ashtayeh: Washington is waging a political and financial war on the Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh on Sunday accused the US administration of launching a political and financial war against the Palestinian Authority.

In a statement following his meeting with German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nils Anin in Ramallah, Ashtiyeh reiterated his rejection of the American initiative to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, known as the "Deal of the Century".

"We refused the deal because the Donald Trump administration transferred the embassy to Jerusalem, shut down the PLO office in Washington and waged a financial war that included draining the financial resources of the Palestinian refugees," he said.

"The things Trump has done on the ground are worse than the expected text of the deal."

"How does Trump manage a financial and political war against the Palestinian Authority, organize the Manama conference and claim that it comes to improve the economic situation of the Palestinians?" He asked.

But Ashtiyeh said: "Our failure to accept the receipt of the clearing funds is short of two reasons: political and legal. Accepting these deductions implies recognition of the financing of terrorism, which will lead to the emergence of power and banks before the courts."

"We will not continue to accept the status quo. Israel is stealing our land and our money and eliminating any chance of establishing an independent Palestinian state," he said.

For his part, the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, during his meeting with the German minister in Ramallah, the commitment of the Palestinian leadership to the principle of two states on the 1967 borders and occupied Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, and resolve all final status issues, foremost the issue of refugees and prisoners on the basis of resolutions of international legitimacy Relationship and international law.

Erakat stressed the rejection of the Palestinian economic workshop scheduled for Bahrain this month, saying that it aims to change the principle of land for peace for money and prosperity in exchange for peace.

Erekat called on Germany and the European countries that did not recognize the state of Palestine to do so immediately.

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