"NASA" reveals the cost of sending humans to the moon in 2024

The projected astronomical cost estimate for the US space agency NASA's ambitious project to bring astronauts back to the moon has been disclosed.

Jim Breidenstein, director of the agency, said the latter would need to raise between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion over the next five years to reach the goal of sending astronauts to the moon in 2024. According to the website "Erm News".

The projected amount would be between $ 4 billion and $ 8 billion from NASA's current $ 20 billion budget.

Bernstein's comments are NASA's first statement on the cost of the mission, called Artemis, since its outline two years ago, but NASA's funding remains an open question.

NASA has asked for an additional $ 1.6 billion on its budget, which has become a major political issue in the United States after the administration of President Donald Trump proposed transferring funds from a reserve fund to support federal education.

It is essential that the budget of the project be approved by the US Congress, which may be complicated because the Democrats did not support the Artemis project from the ground up.

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