Nokia and Google .. Partnership makes "the safest phone"

 Nokia is gradually stepping up its market to regain its position since losing momentum, trying to restore the glories of the past, after beating a lag behind major mobile phone manufacturers.

Nokia has traditionally returned to the market in recent years with middle-class phones, culminating this year with the Nokia 9 Pure View phone, which has 5 rear cameras.

According to experts, what distinguishes Nokia is not its devices, as distinguished by the success achieved through the partnership with Google, after the first adopted operating system "AndroidOne" as a system operating in their phones.

The information security experts gathered that the raw version of AndroidOne, which is adopted by Nokia in its phones is the safest, of the modified version in the rest of the Android phones adopted by a number of companies, such as Samsung.

With the exception of Nokia and a handful of companies, the Android versions of the rest of the phones are modified and competing with enterprise applications and software, aimed at boosting market share, a feature more flawed than it offers.

The Android One system features security and protection from Google. Its phones get the fastest Android system updates, the latest version, and the advanced security updates that Google adds occasionally.

Technology and information security experts say that Google's unique partnership with manufacturers and has begun to strengthen it with Google is a promising future for Nokia if it can be strengthened and matched by promising first-class mobile phones.

And criticized Google after the last phone launched, the Nokia 9, which delayed its launch for about a year, did not come in form and specifications that make it the first-class phones.

Still, the bet remains on manufacturers' attention to Google's move through its raw operating system, and who can deliver a high-end phone that exploits this unique system, the only feature that can compete with Google-made pixel phones and offer an Android raw system.

In conclusion, Nokia, through its use of the most secure Android One system among all phones, has only to take a step forward to compete with other manufacturers with advanced features.

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