How much will the buyer pay for the "Washington and Beijing War"?

A few months before the release of the expected Apple phone, often called "iPhone 11," press reports speculated that the price of the new generation could rise by between £ 300 and £ 435 per model Higher because of trade disputes between Washington and Beijing.

Most Apple devices are manufactured in China, but commercial warfare means the US company may have to move its production to other countries.

The US-China trade war could raise production costs on Apple and make them out of control, so the cost would rise to the customer, the Daily Mail newspaper quoted an expert on mobile phone markets as saying.

Foxconn, which manufactures many Apple phones, said it could move its production outside China if the United States imposed more tariffs on the country.

A leaked image of the iPhone 11, expected to be launched in September, showed the launch of the new device with 3 rear cameras.

Last April, technical platforms published a picture believed to have been stolen from the Apple factory, said to be an iPhone 11 chassis, and a large box appeared at the top of the back of the device, which was probably designed to fit the three lenses .

The picture shows that the design of the phone will not notice a significant change in the level of the front bumper, the most prominent transformation will be the camera triangular.

It is believed that the large hole in the center of the telephone structure will probably be associated with wireless charging technology.

The functions of the three cameras are not disclosed, while some hypotheses suggest that they may help capture a wide background of the image, as well as provide enhanced user experience.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that the three cameras will be in the top version of the device, among the three devices to be launched by Apple in September.

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