Huawei postpones offering its folding phone

The Huawei telecommunications equipment manufacturer has postponed the launch of its new smartphone, which is scheduled for September, after it was due to be launched in the summer.

Huawei said its folding phone, known as "Mytex X", would not be available until September, pending further testing.

This comes after previous reports revealed the disadvantages of striking in the Samsung mobile phone "Fold" foldable as well.

Huawei's media team confirmed that the folding phone would be launched months later, but "not before it is presented on various tests."

"We do not want to offer a phone that destroys our reputation," press reports quoted the media team as saying.

"We expected the Maytx to be released immediately after the Samsung Galaxy Fuld, but it seems that the problems Samsung has faced have made Huawei reconsider the launch date," said Ben Wood of CSC Insight, a technology consulting firm. Her phone ".

"Huawei will definitely learn from Samsung's mistakes, and with the financial crisis that is expected following the American impotence, it is better for Huawei to make sure that all possibilities are covered."

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