A modified indictment against Sarah Netanyahu

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara Netanyahu, signed an agreement with the prosecution on Wednesday morning to accept an amended indictment to be sent to her later in the day in the case of "dormitories - prime minister's residences."

According to Channel 13 Hebrew, Sarah signed a deal with the Public Prosecution, to accept the amended indictment and acknowledge what it said, by acknowledging what it was accused under a validating clause. Stating that the amended new regulation would include a charge of "elaborately exploiting an error without Deception" and a fine of up to NIS 55,000 for the State Treasury.

Sarah was charged last year after publishing a report in 2015 of the State Comptroller, deception, fraud and dishonesty after she ordered meals for the Prime Minister's house for 350,000 shekels, although there are two workers in the kitchen of the house.


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