A raid and arrest of the West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces launched a raid and arrest in various areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank on Tuesday morning.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested the children Mustafa Suhail Rajabi and Ahmed Fawaz al-Rajabi from the southern region of Hebron, and raided the house of the prisoner Ali Salhab in the area of ​​Bab Zawia in the city.

In Tulkarm, Hamas leader Sheikh Ra'fat Nassif, Adnan al-Husari from Tulkarm refugee camp and Shabak Ishaq Mahamid from Nur Shams were arrested.

In Nablus, al-Dahiya neighborhood was raided and Omar 'Fathi al-Aghbar was arrested. He also broke into Al-Ain camp and al-Ma'ajin neighborhood and arrested Sameh al-Jabri.

The Israeli occupation forces raided several homes in al-Naqar neighborhood in the center of Qalqiliya.

In Jerusalem, Tariq Mahdi al-Bassiti from the Old City, and young man Mohammed Zidan and Hadan were arrested from Birnbala village, northwest of the city.

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