Smart Fund .. The latest way to stop addiction to what you love

A US company has created a new product to combat food addiction, but many have found this "invention" also useful in getting rid of other habits, including grabbing smart phones.

The smart plastic box, which is popular in Japan, allows its user to combat addiction to things by placing it inside and closing it and choosing the automatic opening time.

The smart box, called Kitchen Saif, costs between $ 117 and $ 354, depending on the size and color of the lid, Audite Central said.

While the US company has developed the fund to help people stay away from high-calorie foods, many have found other uses.

Some users of the fund took photographs, putting their smartphones, cash registrants, credit cards and car keys. Many found it a chance to quit smoking.

Some parents considered the smart box a haven to keep tablets, and others kept chocolate bars inside out of the reach of children.

Sky News

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