UNRWA: 1 million Palestinians in Gaza need food aid every 3 months

The Palestine refugees Agency (UNRWA) on Sunday confirmed the presence of one million Palestinians in Gaza, who are totally dependent on food distributions, explaining that they need to provide food every three months.

"In the year 2000 there were 80,000 Gazans in need of food aid," said Sami Mashashaa, a spokesman for the relief agency.

"For years, the agency has suffered from a financial deficiency that has affected the quality and quantity of services provided by UNRWA," he said, noting that "the Gaza Strip is one of the most difficult areas in the delivery of services, and the Israeli blockade has been in effect for 13 years. "

Commenting on the educational situation in the Gaza Strip, he pointed out that the educational process is facing difficulties in the strip, in the light of the shift system and overcrowding, but UNRWA is trying to manage the crisis and continue its services in various areas of operation inside and outside Palestine.

Speaking of overcrowded classrooms with students, with an estimated 39-41 students in one grade, he said that children suffer from very difficult psychological difficulties, which require a psychological intervention that is higher than the interference of social and psychosocial workers.

According to his office, the agency's fiscal deficiency last year was 446 million dollars, roughly one third of the agency's budget, while the current year is estimated at 211 million dollars, a compound deficit that includes regular services and emergency services in its five areas of operation.

The emergency budget for the year was a source of concern to UNRWA, with the agency being able to collect only 11 per cent of the emergency budget and its value (288 million dollars), pointing out that the most serious issue was that the number of refugees below the poverty line was increasing. According to the local home site.

Under a cumulative fiscal deficiency, UNRWA faces financial difficulties against the backdrop of the US $ 365 million moratorium on the United States decision in 2018.

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