Israeli occupation forces arrested 9 citizens at dawn today

 The Israeli occupation forces arrested nine citizens from different parts of the West Bank on Wednesday morning.

Local sources said that among the detainees were Bilal Abdullah al-Hutari, Saji Muhammad Abu 'Aiba from Qalqiliya, Ihab Massoud from Ramallah and Rashad Karaja from the village of Safa in the west of the city.

The occupation also arrested three young men from the Deheisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem: Wissam Shawabka, Shadi Abu Hudros, and Mohammed Abu Hudros. In addition to Mahmud 'Abd al-'Alami from Beit Ummmar north of Hebron and' Abdo Musa Abu Dabour from al-Dhahiriya in the south.

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