Apple Brings Unprecedented Colors to iPhone Xr

Apple Corp. is expected to release its new version of the iPhone this year, in unpresented new colors, according to recent press reports.

Mark Gorman, a Bloomberg reporter, posted photos on his Twitter account showing that Apple would replace the blue and purple color choices for the iPhone and XR in green and purple.

He presented images of what appeared to be pieces of broken glass wallpaper showing the new color options for the next iPhone XR successor, according to Business Insider.

The current generation of iPhone XR comes in black, red, white, yellow, blue and coral.

Gorman also published images of iPhone models this year that indicate that the upcoming iPhone X will come with a back-up camera similar to what was published in previous leaks.

According to the previous leaks, the new version of XR will come with a design similar to the current generation of the iPhone XR, and is expected to remain on the LCD screen, but may come with a dual rear camera instead of a single camera. "Sky News"

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