Tianjin Municipality is building 300 base stations of the fifth generation

Tianjin Municipality will accelerate the development of fifth-generation technology and build more than 300 base stations of this generation in the city, according to local telecom sources.

Tianjin will become an important investment destination for China Mobile to develop the fifth-generation industry, Tianjin will become part of the first batch of cities covered by China's fifth-generation network, said Zheng Wei, general manager of Tianjin Mobile China Branch at the 3rd World Intelligence Conference held in the municipality. without interference.

China Mobile has created the fifth generation innovation lab, launched more than 20 pilot projects for fifth-generation applications and is working on a fifth-generation digital industrial alliance to promote cooperation and development in the city.

The fifth-generation technology is expected to be applied in areas including smart cities, port transportation, intelligent medical treatment, electricity and power by 2021.

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