US-Israeli agreement to hold summit to support Palestinian economy

Washington _ Agencies

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menchchen and Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahelon agreed to hold a US-led summit with the aim of boosting the Palestinian economy. According to the Hebrew channel 12.

According to the Hebrew channel, the upcoming summit will be held at the end of January January, in Davos, with the participation of senior European finance officials, noting that finance ministers from the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority will be invited.

According to the channel, major projects will be promoted during the summit to strengthen the economy of the Palestinian Authority.

"This step serves a clear Israeli interest and will lead to results on the ground," Israeli minister Kahaloun said.

Kahaloun met Wednesday with US president Jason Greenblatt's Middle East envoy, Israel Public Radio reported.

According to the radio, Khelon and Greenblatt discussed ways to push forward joint Israeli-Palestinian economic projects with US support.


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