350,000 families living at risk of poverty in Gaza and the West Bank

According to the Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani, the number of families living below the poverty line reached 350,000 as a result of the continued theft of the Gaza Strip and its practices in the West Bank.

During his research with the director of the World Food Program (WFP) in Palestine, Stephen Kernley, on Thursday, ways to compensate for the fiscal shortfall caused by the decline in funding for the Food Program in Palestine

Majdalani, according to the official agency, said the ministry was keen to cooperate with the World Food Program (WFP) to close the $ 24 million financial gap as a result of the decline in funding for the program, in addition to the outbreak of many economic crises in the Middle East region, which reduced the size of the program's assistance to the poor Palestine.

The government's effort to close the program's financial gap was in the interest of the poor and marginalized in Palestine.

"The government will continue to shoulder its responsibilities to our people in the Gaza Strip under any circumstances, through the Committee formed in the sector to follow the work of the ministry," he said, expressing his hope that coordination with the Ministry would continue directly with regard to assistance to the Gaza Strip as the gateway to legality.

Majdalani reviewed the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Development aimed at bringing poor and marginalized families out of poverty and destruction towards economic empowerment and integration in the wheel of sustainable development, and that the cash assistance program, as well as food aid, is only a sedative for the people who can not Poor eradication.

"Despite our difficult financial circumstances, we are keen to provide assistance, empower the citizen, and preserve its dignity," he said, expressing the Ministry's willingness to cooperate and partnership at various international, Arab and local levels by purchasing services from civil society organizations to support their steadfastness.

For his part, Kernley has built a joint collaboration between the program and the Ministry of Social Development to provide the best services to marginalized and vulnerable groups.

"The World Food Program relations absolutely on voluntary contributions, and the strategic plan provided by donors has been reduced compared to previous years," he said.

The food aid program was serving half a million people, and the reduction comes as funding from donor countries declines.


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