Israeli occupation injures 8 Palestinians, arrests 4 in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

Eight Palestinian civilians were injured Wednesday after Israeli troops attacked them in the southern Al-Aqsa mosque town of Silwan.

According to our correspondence, crews from the Al-Quds Municipality, accompanied by Israeli mechanisms, today demolished a commercial facility in the neighborhood of "Ayn al-Lozah" in Silwan, under the pretext of unlicensed construction.

She added that verbal and hand-held consultations broke out between the owners of the establishment and the neighbourhood, on the one hand, and the Israeli forces, on the other, during which the Israeli soldiers had indiscriminately fired gas and acoustic bombs and rubber bullets, before withdrawing from the scene.

"The Israeli police arrested four Palestinian citizens during the demolition operation in Silwan," said Amjad Abu Assab, chairman of the Jerusalem Prisoners ' committee.

Among the detainees were known as the owner of the targeted establishment, Izz al-Din Samarin, and Tariq Rouaidhi, while the rest was not reported, Abu Asab told the "Quds Press".

Haitham Yagmur, director of the "Ein al-tonsil Medical Center", said the demolition was a release of rubber bullets and gas and acoustic bombs to the residents of the "Ayn al-Tonsil" neighborhood, which necessitated the intervention of paramedics to evacuate the injuries.

"The medical staff were assaulted, and the Israeli occupation forces fired gas bombs inside the center, where there were three pregnant women in the waiting room, which caused them to suffocate," he said.

He confirmed that eight citizens were injured during the attack; one of them was hit by rubber bullets, the remainder by batons and beatings, and poisonous gas inhalation.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that its crews had transported a pregnant woman to hospital after being exposed to toxic gas inhalation during the events in Silwan.

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