Agreement to cease fire between occupation and resistance in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

At dawn on Monday, an informed source revealed a ceasefire agreement between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

"A ceasefire agreement between the factions of the Resistance and occupation was reached from 4:30 am," the source said.

In turn, the Palestinian satellite confirmed today the entry into force of the cease-fire reached with the occupation since the time of 4:00.

An international diplomatic source confirmed to a local news agency on the night, near a ceasefire between Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and Israel.

According to private sources, "the ceasefire was carried out on the condition that it was reciprocal and simultaneous, provided that the occupation implements the understandings of breaking the blockade of the Gaza Strip."

"After intensive efforts by the United Nations and in coordination with Egypt, we are close to a ceasefire in the next few hours," said the diplomatic source, noting that efforts are continuing with all sides to reach a definitive ceasefire.

"The past few hours have witnessed intense country intervention in full coordination with the United Nations aimed at restoring calm and halting the dangerous escalation in the Gaza Strip, which will continue to cause hundreds of deaths on the Israeli side and thousands on the Palestinian side," he said.

The diplomatic source disclosed that a contact had been made between the Qatari Foreign minister and the head of the political Bureau of the Hamas movement Ismail Haniyeh.

The source stressed that the country's intervention and the effort to reach a ceasefire are a continuation of Qatar's ongoing efforts to help Palestinian brothers overcome crises and to stabilize understandings that would provide a dignified life for them to lift the total blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip has risen to 25 martyrs and wounded dozens of others, including children, women and embryos.

The Palestinian health Ministry announced the martyrdom of 25 Palestinians (3 women, 2 embryos, two infants and a child) and the wounding of 154 citizens in various wounds as a result of Israel's ongoing escalation of the second day in the Gaza Strip.

Four Palestinians were martyred in an Israeli bombardment in the vicinity of the American school in the northern Gaza Strip, while two people were martyred by Israeli shelling of the Zo'rob tower in Rafah.

Six citizens, including children and women, as a result of the occupation, also cited a residential tower in the northern Gaza Strip city of Sheikh Zayed.


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