4 Martyrs in the targeting of a residential tower in Sheikh Zayed City north of Gaza

Four Palestinians were martyred in the northern Gaza Strip city of al-Sheikh Zayed Towers late Sunday after the occupation was targeted.

Medical crews recovered the bodies of four martyrs, including a woman, as a result of Israeli occupation planes targeting the 4th and 5th floors of Tower No. 12 in Sheikh Zayed City, north of the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health announced the names of three citizens, including one infant and eight injured, in various wounds as a result of the targeting of the Israeli occupation forces in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Martyrs are:

1. The martyr baby Maria Ahmed Ramadan al-Ghazali 4 months

2. The martyr Ahmed Ramadan Rajab al-Ghazali 31 years.

3. Martyr Iman Abdullah Musa spend 30 years.


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