Urgent from Gaza: Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip now

Israeli warplanes on Saturday launched a series of raids on Palestinian resistance sites and agricultural land in various parts of the Gaza Strip, and the situation in Gaza is still tense

Reconnaissance aircraft, agricultural sites and land in the town of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, bombed a number of rockets, killing one young man and injuring four citizens with various wounds. According to the Ministry of Health.


The following is a schedule of events in Gaza today (moment by moment):

6:20 Health: A child and a baby were injured and broken by Israeli targeting of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip

An Israeli bombardment of a resistance site in al-Maghazi camp in central Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces target a resistance site south of Gaza City

The Israeli occupation forces are targeting the resistance site "Abu Jarad " in Gaza.

4:53 Israeli shelling of agricultural land north-east of Rafah renews

4:32 was slightly injured by targeting agricultural land east of Deir al-Balah

The "Israeli" military mechanism is directly and intensively firing at the return camp and the agricultural land east of Khuza'a.

4:17 targeting monitoring point east of Shojaya

4:11 targeting a house east of Deir al-Balah and initial reports of injuries

Al-Aqsa radio station: Two wounded in Israeli shelling behind the tower of the west of Gaza City

3:59 Health: A martyr and 7 injuries in various wounds as a result of the ongoing Israeli escalation since this morning on the Gaza Strip and so far


3:51 a citizen injured in Israeli targeting of a group of citizens near Ezbet Abed Rabbo

Israeli occupation forces target a resistance point west of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza

The occupation is bombing a site for the resistance northwest of Rafah City

2:30 the occupation bombards a resistance site in Beit Lahiya

Israeli occupation planes hit a resistance site east of al-Zaytoun neighborhood south of Gaza City


Israeli occupation army spokesman says new series of attacks on Gaza begins


02:14 Israeli occupation planes target the perimeter of the Qelqal towers east of Deir el Balah in central Gaza Strip

02:12 warplanes target a resistance site north of Beit Hanoun and hear an explosion near the Netzarim editor in central Gaza Strip

1:50: Health: 2 citizens injured by Israeli targeting of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza Strip

Hebrew Media: Israeli army helicopters now bombing targets in southern Gaza Strip

1:44 Israeli occupation planes target a group of citizens in northern Gaza Strip

1:35 Israeli bombardment targets east of Deir al-Balah and Rafah

1:25 occupation targets agricultural land in Beit Lahiya

1:20: Artillery of occupation shells agricultural land in al-Fakhari area east of Khan Younis

12:55 renewed artillery bombardment of resistance observatories east of Khan Yunis and Rafah

X 12:15 artillery occupation targets checkpoint east of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip

Q 12:05 artillery bombardment targeting East Gaza City

O 12:04 artillery bombardment targeting eastern Khanyounis south of Gaza Strip

12:00 artillery occupation targets a monitoring point north-west of Beit Lahiya north of the Gaza Strip

Israeli reconnaissance aircraft launches rocket attack on Beit Hanoun town in northern Gaza Strip

X 11:53 |  Spokesman of the Army of occupation: At this time, the chief of staff, General Aviv Koujavi, is conducting an assessment of the situation in the Kremlin with the participation of the President of Shabak, the deputy chief of staff, the commander of the Southern Command, the chief of the Intelligence branch, the chief of the Operations Branch, the Air Force Commander and other senior officials. Details

X 10:19 |  Agricultural land adjacent to the homes of citizens in Beit Hanoun was targeted with three reconnaissance rockets and an artillery shell.

SP 10:09 | Agricultural land in Beit Lahiya targeted by at least one reconnaissance rocket

O 9:51 | Reconnaissance aircraft targeting agricultural land in the northern Gaza Strip, with no casualties.

SS 9:50 |  Northern Gaza Strip blast heard now


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