The investigation ends with harassment of Israeli officers by a Palestinian woman

 Israeli public prosecutor Shai Nitzan is about to close the investigation on charges of harassment a Palestinian woman by two Shin Bet officers who ordered two soldiers to search her after she was forced, Ha'aretz reported Friday. To undress, without any need to inspect them.

According to the newspaper, it will only be a diplomatic action against the officers.

The newspaper pointed out that the incident occurred in 2015 after two officers of the Shin Bet security service searched for Palestinian women on the pretext of a security case against her, where she was searched sensitive places of her body without any justification during the raid on her house, noting that the Palestinian woman decided to file a complaint in the case 2017.

The interrogations revealed that the Palestinian woman was arrested from her bed in her house. The two soldiers who searched her did not appear to be members of the unit who entered the house. They were not interrogated. They were subjected to humiliating searches. She was arrested and interrogated harshly and threatened with force. , Before being released.

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