Official data: 6 martyrs and more than 500 wounded by Israeli fire last month

According to official Palestinian data, six Palestinian martyrs were raised last month by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including two children and a woman.

According to a report released by the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) Center for Studies and Documentation, Friday, three martyrs in the West Bank and three in the Gaza Strip participated in weekly peace marchs on the Gaza Strip border.

The report pointed out that the occupation authorities owed last month the bodies of two martyrs, bringing the number of martyrs given bodies in the refrigerators of the occupation since 2016 to 42 martyrs.

The report pointed out that during April, the Israeli authorities arrested about 420 Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and injured about 520 Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem by firing live ammunition, rubber-coated metal and tear gas. 430 citizens were injured in the Gaza Strip during their participation in peaceful marches on the border without posing a threat to the occupation authorities. About 90 Palestinians were injured in the West Bank and Jerusalem as a result of storming villages, towns and camps.

The report pointed out that eight of the wounded were injured by the Israeli occupation authorities, and that hundreds of citizens were suffocated as a result of the occupation authorities firing poison gas at the participants against the seizure of the land and the separation wall and closing the entrances of Palestinian towns in Kafr Qaddum, Ni'lin, Bil'in, Ras Karkar and Al Bireh.

Regarding the settlements and the confiscation of land, the Israeli authorities issued three military orders in the past month to confiscate a thousand and 191 dunums of agricultural land in the West Bank, two of which are intended to create bypass roads in the southern and northern West Bank.

He added that the third decision included the closure of areas for military purposes in the northern Jordan Valley, and approved the construction of hundreds of settlement units in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley. The Israeli occupation authorities demolished 78 homes and facilities during April, including the demolition of six houses in neighborhoods And the areas of the occupied city of Jerusalem, owners demolished them to avoid paying large fines in the town of "Silwan" and the old town of Jerusalem.

The report pointed to the escalation of settler attacks, where 78 attacks on Palestinian citizens and their property were monitored by settlers, resulting in the death of two Palestinians, while 14 citizens were injured, including 3 children, as a result of the attack.

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continued during April, resulting in the deaths of three citizens, including two children, and the injury of 431 citizens.

According to the report, 112 ground shootings were carried out in the east of the Gaza Strip, 5 air strikes, 3 artillery shelling, 5 ground incursions and 67 shooting attacks against fishing boats, injuring two fishermen, destroying one fishing boat, Israeli occupation forces arrested 25 citizens on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

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