An Israeli campaign of arrests affects 17 Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces arrested 17 Palestinian civilians, including released prisoners, on Thursday morning, after they raided their homes, searched them and searched them in different areas of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

According to a statement by the Israeli occupation army, this morning, its forces arrested 17 Palestinians in various areas of the West Bank, which he described as "wanted", on charges of carrying out activities related to the resistance against soldiers and settlers.

The Israeli arrests included the prisoner Ziad 'Abd al-Rahim Hanani, as well as citizens from the town of Beit Fourik, east of Nablus (north of occupied Jerusalem). While two brothers were arrested from the popular housing area northeast of Nablus, in addition to a citizen from the town of "Bazaria" east of Tulkarm (north).

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested a student at Birzeit University, Mahdi Saed Karajeh, after storming the village of Safa, west of Ramallah, while storming the Ein Misbah neighborhood in Ramallah. Ramallah, and broke into Ibrahim al-Masri's house in the village of Shaqba, northwest of Ramallah.

The Jenin refugee camp, adjunct to the northern city of Jenin, witnessed an armed clash during the Israeli occupation forces storming the camp and its surroundings. The youths threw home bombs at the Israeli occupation forces.

In the occupied city of Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers arrested Mahmoud Yasser Kanaan al-Khatib during an Israeli incursion into the town of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation forces raided the house of the mayor of "Tekoa" Hatem Sabah, east of the city, and searched the house and tampered with the contents.

In Hebron (south), Israeli occupying forces erected a checkpoint and began combing and searching in the "Aqaba" neighborhood in the town of "Samou" south of the city.


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