Moscow and Washington exchanged accusations of escalating the conflict in Venezuela

Russia and the United States have accused each other of escalating the conflict in Venezuela.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart Mike Pompeo discussed the latest developments in Venezuela.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Washington's continued "aggressive steps" would lead to "more tragic reconquences".

The statement added that the Venezuelan opposition tried to seize power with the clear support of the United States, and Washington's intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state is a flagrant violation of international law.

On the other hand, the US State Department spoke after the telephone talks about the "invasion" of Russia and Cuba to Venezuela, and pointed out that the impact of this "invasion" is destabilizing in Venezuela, as well as the relationship between Russia and America.

The Foreign Ministry added that Pompeo called on Russia to withdraw its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and to join the approach of the United States and other countries in the region in this regard.

Russia is one of the countries that support Maduro's government, in exchange for the support of the United States and many European Union countries and Latin America for Juan Guido, who has declared himself a transitional president of Venezuela.

The Guido and Maduro struggle for power escalated on Tuesday after Guido, backed by dissident soldiers, freed opposition leader Leopold Lopez from prison and violent riots took place in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.

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