Britain announces support for the central desalination plant in the Gaza Strip at 9 million pounds

 Britain announced on Tuesday that it would support the program of the central desalination plant in the Gaza Strip for 9 million pounds.

This came during the inauguration of the head of the Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, and the Director General of the Good Neighbors of the European Union, Michael Koehler, the international meeting on the program of the central desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, which is held in the Belgian capital Brussels.

The International Conference, which is attended by 31 countries, will discuss the provision of the remaining funds to start the central station. Last year, the Water Authority succeeded in mobilizing international support and obtaining financial commitments of $ 565 million, or 80% of the cost of establishing and operating the entire program.

The student m. Ghoneim said in his opening speech that countries and supporting institutions continue to support the central desalination program in the Gaza Strip as an integrated program that will save more than 2 million lives in the Gaza Strip.

Ghoneim pointed to the great success achieved by the previous conference, pointing out the tragic situation of the Gaza Strip at all levels, noting that the Water Authority has completed the largest amount of the plan to establish the project, announcing the start of the project by the end of this year to avoid the humanitarian disaster.

"The main objective of the desalination plant is to provide sustainable water for our people in Gaza. We hope the meeting will have tangible results on the ground," Ghoneim said. "We have followed the plan, by setting up small desalination plants and starting to work. He is well again.

He added: work has been underway since last year, and the Joint Committee met and agreed with the Israeli side on the introduction of the necessary materials for the project, and we thank Kuwait in particular for its role in the work part of the carrier in the pipeline Gaza,

He stressed the need to build this vital and humanitarian program to save the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and to provide safe drinking water, especially as international reports confirm that the sector may become unsustainable human under water pollution.

He added: The central desalination program will provide a sustainable water source in Gaza. The plant will produce 55 million cubic meters annually as a first stage until 2021 and will be expanded in the future as a second stage with a capacity of 110 million cubic meters annually.

He added that the station will help stop depletion of the aquifer, alleviate the environmental degradation of the sea water and provide thousands of jobs, which will contribute to economic and social development and improve the daily living conditions of the people of the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that this is the largest water project in Palestine, which is a strategic option to solve the problem of depletion of the groundwater reservoir, and water pollution in the Gaza Strip.

Ghoneim pointed out that the Water Authority is at an accelerated pace to secure potable water and to prevent the water disaster facing the sector due to the deteriorating water situation.

He explained that the Water Authority is working within the framework of a clear strategic plan to improve the water situation and reduce the water crisis, which is taking place in the Palestinian cities, through the implementation of several projects and the development of water facilities and reduce the losses in networks and stop waste.

Ghoneim called on the international community to save Gaza, based on UN reports that the Gaza Strip would become an uninhabitable area, with 3 percent of drinking water going to run out at the time, with 97 percent of coastal waters unfit for human consumption , But the only lifeline according to specialists is the desalination of sea water, and rescue the underground reservoir.


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