Chinese sues store after "trick $ 0.008"

A Chinese sued a local shop after the cashier returned part of his remaining amount after the purchase, although that amount is too small.

The man bought products worth 54.76 yuan (US $ 8.12) andave the cashier 55 yuan (US $ 8.16), the latter with 0.20 yuan, instead of 0.24 yuan.

The man, named Xiao, said he was cheated on 0.04 yuan ($ 0.008), prompting him to file a lawsuit against the store, Oditi Central said on Saturday.

Xiao said in a short interview: "I paid 55 yuan in cash, theyave me 0.20 yuan feces.They are unlawfully taken 0.04 yuan."

"By filing the suit, I just wanted to return 0.04 yuan, which is my right, I just wanted to say no to the company's illegal practice."

When Xiao introduced the purchase receipt, which clearly showed the judge that he was deceived, the defense lawyer for the stores "Yong Hui" had no choice but to admit the mistake and apologize to him.

"Recovering the fickle by rounding up or down does not fully respect the rights of consumers, and it causes them discomfort," Xiao's lawyer said.

The judge, who looked into the case, ordered the store to pay Xiao the rest of his entitlement to the fakah, as well as 50 yuan (US $ 7.41) for the lawsuit.

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