Media of Occupation: Trump´s impending decisions could ignite the area.

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The Israeli occupation army has expressed fear that President Trump's policy of withdrawing the recognition of the right of return of Palestinians could ignite the situation.

According to Israeli television, a high-ranking Israeli security source warned that US policies could ignite the region, which is essentially on the brink of ignition and sliding into escalation.

The source added that the concern of the security services over the decision was to coincide with the US decisions to reduce the US financial budgets that they are transferring to the Palestinians.

On the other hand, the military analyst wrote in a new article published on Sunday evening that the Palestinian Authority has two options in the current situation: The first option is to agree with Hamas on the terms of the settlement and bring long-term calm.

The second option would be for President Abu Mazen to refuse to settle in a diplomatic manner concurrently with increased pressure on Hamas, including a reduction in the salary budget for the authority's staff in Gaza and a halt to the financing of infrastructure such as desalination plants and electricity in Gaza.

According to the site, Bouhshoe explained in an article that the second option, which would include a reduction of power to the budgets allocated to Gaza, would be a fatal blow to Hamas, given the latter's inability to bridge the economic gap that such cuts would bring, prompting responsible sources of leadership in the region In the occupation army to raise estimates that Hamas would resort to striking rockets towards the middle of Israel if the situation in Gaza deteriorated as a result of the imposition of such cuts, with the aim of mobilizing international intervention, as Hamas in such a situation would risk entering into a military operation even though it was aware of the high price You're going to pay for it, "according to the writer of the article.

"The Israeli army is continuing its preparations to raise preparedness and readiness for fear that the security situation may deteriorate, especially in the light of the impending Jewish holiday period in Israel, which is known to be a period of security tension, in the light of enthusiasm over the sensitivity of this period," the Israeli analyst said. For Israel, as the security services prefer to resolve most of the outstanding security problems before the start of the holiday period, or at least to accommodate these problems beyond the holidays. "

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