Gaza: Israeli occupation arrests a citizen accompanied by his wife a trip treatment

Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday arrested a resident of the Gaza Strip while accompanying him to his wife after returning from a cancer treatment trip through Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the occupation arrested the citizen Karam Mustafa Tantawi (51 years) while returning with his wife from the hospital in Jerusalem. Pointing out that he had a security permit by the occupation allows him to accompany his wife back and forth.

PCHR strongly condemned the arrest of Tantawi, condemning in the strongest terms the occupation forces' continued policy of arbitrary detention and the use of crossing points to incite Palestinians, blackmail them and exploit their humanitarian needs, especially patients and their accomplices.

PCHR affirms that the occupation authorities are suffering from catastrophic physical and psychological consequences for those traveling. The lives of patients referred to treatment outside the Gaza Strip are particularly significantly endangered. It also comes in the context of gross and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian and human rights law.

He called on the international community to fulfill its obligations under international law and to pressure the occupying state to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law, lift the sword imposed on the Gaza Strip and ensure freedom of movement and movement of people and goods and Ensure the safety of patients and their companions.

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