Ashtayeh: The decisions taken by the US administration are worse than the written text of the deal

Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh rejected the deal of the century and did not accept the continuation of the current situation and the actions and decisions taken by the US administration recently, whether cutting aid to UNRWA or transferring the embassy to Jerusalem, and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, That these measures are worse than the written text of the deal of the century.

This came during a meeting at his office in Ramallah, Tuesday, US Senator Ron Wyden, where he discussed with him the latest developments and political developments.

"Talking about annexing parts of the West Bank under the so-called settlement blocs destroys the two-state solution and eliminates any chance of establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders," he said.

"The Palestinian-American relationship must be separated from the peace process or the political process that is going on. The stalemate of the peace process must not be met with punishment or blackmail from the American administration towards the Palestinians. honest broker and partner in peace. "

Ashtaya called on the US Congress to follow the example of many parliaments to vote to recognize the Palestinian state and lift the ban on the Palestine Liberation Organization.

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