Experimenting a failed test of SpaceSpace capsule in Florida

Attempts to launch a SpaceX space capsule ended in failure due to a malfunction in the platform during its launch in Florida, after providing its success during its initial tests.

SpaceX, owned by leading American business tycoon Elon Mask, said a problem occurred in one of the Crew Dragon capsules during the engine tests at Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida on Saturday.

Florida Today was the first to report the problem. "Orange smoke was seen rising over the Space X facilities, and in turn the company was able to contain the problem, with no injuries reported," she said.

Spacex said its teams are exploring and working closely with NASA partners in the United States.

"NASA has been informed of the results of the SpaceX Static Fire Test and the problem that occurred during the final test," NASA director Jim Brydenstein said in a tweeter on Twitter.

"But we are testing for this, we will learn and make the necessary adjustments and move forward safely with our Commercial Crew Program."

NASA has awarded SpaceX and Boeing a total of 6.8 billion US dollars to build missile systems and capsules to launch astronauts into Earth orbit from the US soil.

SpaceX also succeeded in sending an unmanned capsule to the International Space Station in March, and in turn NASA plans to resume its human space flight, according to the Arab Technical News Portal.


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