Electronic bandage to analyze human race

 Like all other body fluids, sweat contains a wealth of information about the various vital functions of the human body, but collecting sweat droplets by pulling them off the surface of the skin can be Operation is clean and time consuming.

A team of researchers at the Chinese University of Science and Technology has created a bandage containing dynamic sensor units that can collect and analyze sweat droplets based on an electronic application that can be downloaded to smartphones.

The study team says that this bandage can someday be used to diagnose various diseases.

Although other researchers have devised ways to collect and analyze sweat, such as temporary tattoos and electronic analyzers, these devices usually require wires and contain electronic components with complex designs. Therefore, researchers Tylen Cho and Qi Chang wanted to be the biometric unit that He created it in collaboration with colleagues in the university in the form of bandage and use the color change feature to express the different results of the analysis of sweat.

The bandage contains a thin layer of polyester surrounded by a layer of silica to collect the sweat. Dyes are injected with different colors inside the bandage walls to detect concentrations of various substances such as glucose, calcium and chloride in sweat. The biometric sensor unit is installed with a strong adhesive tape on the body of the volunteer.

When the volunteer exercises any kind of motor activity, the body excretes the sweat that is trapped inside the thin walls of the bandage, which changes color as a result of sorting the pigment associated with the substance found in the sweat droplets. By recording these colors on smart phones, the study team can obtain different data indicating different vital indicators of the volunteer.

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