Israeli occupation authorities abandon a number of houses of Khirbet "Shushla"

The Israeli occupation forces closed all the entrances to Khirbat Shoshla, near the town of Al-Khader, which is a targeted site to prevent citizens from reaching their homes.

The official of the resistance of the wall and settlement in Bethlehem Hassan Brigieh said that the occupation forces evacuated a number of old houses from the residents and preempted them from staying in it

He said that the occupation authorities demolished three agricultural rooms under the pretext of non-authorization, with the aim of displacing the citizens from the village of 1200 dunums and targeted confiscation.

He stressed that there are events organized in the village terminated with displacement in conjunction with legal follow-up to address the schemes of occupation and reserve the village as a cultural heritage

It is noteworthy that the village of Shoshhla houses ancient houses since 1897 and was renovated in 2016 and surrounded by five settlements from all sides.

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