"Foreign ": Money will not buy our consent to sell our home or silence on the liquidation of our rights

The US administration is concerned if it thinks the money could buy the Palestinians' consent to sell their homeland or silence on the liquidation of their rights, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said in a press statement Thursday that the US administration has already begun to implement the plan of the "century deal" gradually and in stages without prior announcement, and then remains as Kouchner and Greenblatt talked about the so-called "economic division "Trump has a lot of (hopes), so keep it beyond Ramadan as (Eid) for our people, and I believe that money can buy our approval.

"The Tramp team is racing to make more statements and positions on the so-called deal of the century, to create an interesting noise of the scene as they claim, the last of them," Kouchner, "declaring his concern in preparing the" Eid gifts "of the Palestinian people by offering the deal after the month of Ramadan , In "public chat" will not be our last estimate, if we remember the conflicting dates announced by the US to launch the "Deal of the Century".

"The Tramp team coordinated this plan with its details on the Israeli side, specifically with Netanyahu during his frequent visits to Washington and dozens of meetings with him. The team listened attentively to Netanyahu's stipulations and reservations and took it into his drafting of the plan in order to ensure that the prime minister agreed to it, With his political positions, and continued during the last period of ongoing revisions of the many formulations of the plan, whether through special delegates to Netanyahu or through his ambassador to Washington, or through Ambassador Trump in Israel During these reviews, the plan has been modified repeatedly to accept the stink Lahu, which explains the state of tranquility announced yesterday the Israeli ambassador in Washington over (century deal).

The Foreign Ministry considered that this Israeli response to the drafting of the American deal contradicts ongoing claims by the Trump administration that no one has seen its details or contributed to its formulation.

, And the launching of an incitement campaign aimed at the Agency and the credibility of its performance, all form part of that deal, and the declaration that Israel has the right to settle anywhere in the occupied territory is also one of its components. The US Consulate General established in Jerusalem in 1844 to the US Embassy in Jerusalem is also part of the deal, and the financial siege of the Palestinian Authority and the cessation of financial aid to it and the development projects, including the support of Jerusalem hospitals part of the deal, and recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan is part of the deal also, and we should not forget Friedman's statement about the survival of the Israeli presence in the West Bank  Israel's right to absolute security where it is part of the deal. "

The Foreign Ministry stressed that ending the file of Jerusalem, refugees, settlements and security would be followed by a declaration by President Trump to recognize Israel's sovereignty over large parts of the occupied West Bank and so-called large settlement blocs. According to the political data, the Trump administration will complete the implementation of the political part of the deal by encouraging the establishment of a separate Palestinian entity in the Gaza Strip.

If these measures and US decisions are not part of the century deal, then what? Are they preparatory steps for what might be worse?

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