Jerusalem Municipality decides to build a park near Pisgat Zeev settlement

The Jerusalem Municipality has decided to build a new park called "Wadi Zimri" near the settlement Pisgat Zeev.

About 200 deer are reported in the valley, foxes, rabbits and wild pigs.

The park is a tradition of the Gharlan valley, south of Jerusalem, where Garlan and other wild animals live. The new park is being supervised by the Jerusalem Municipality, the Dead Sea Authority and the Population Department of the Pisgat Zeev settlement. The park covers an area of ​​700 dunums.

The so-called regional committee for organizing and building in the city decided to establish a "national park" called "Rekhas Lubin" in the area of ​​Mta Yehudah between the two agricultural villages around the Green Line and Tzafririm on an area of ​​1,000 dunums. The committee decided to replace the land targets from agriculture to a "national park" and a nature reserve. In the area there are ruins, an archaeological hill of bronze, iron and Byzantine cairns, with burial caves and others.

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