Jerusalem .. Municipality of the occupation forces the family of Jerusalem to demolish the house "self"

On Saturday, the Israeli occupation authorities forced a Palestinian family from the Old City of Jerusalem to demolish their house "on their own," under the pretext of building without a permission.

According to local sources, the employees of the municipality of the occupation recently broke into the house of the family "Ajlouni" in the vicinity of "Saadia", and handed them a decision to demolish the house "self".

The Israeli municipality wave the family until the end of Saturday to demolish the house, otherwise the municipality would take over the operation and force the owner to pay for it.

The sources explained that members of the family "Ajlouni", they demolished their house overlooking the Al-Aqsa Mosque, themselves.

The house is home to two sons of the owner of the house, accommodated by their families, with 13 members.

It is noteworthy that the municipality of the occupation of the pursuit of all Jerusalemites build a house or building or shop or work expansion of its origin in the city of Jerusalem and its environs (areas of the municipality of the occupation), on the pretext of not obtaining licenses for it.

It is common knowledge that the municipality does not grant Jerusalemites building permits while it is expanding settlement and building settlements in Jerusalem.

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